The Evolution of Meridian: Compliance Management Software

November 6, 2023

The Evolution of Meridian: Compliance Management Software

By Phil Jones, Managing Director, William Martin

Compliance management software is always evolving and creating new opportunities for innovation. So, it’s easy for software brands to get left behind if they don’t make the necessary improvements to their platforms.

When it comes to compliance—technology is the future.

Gone are the days of managing risk by using hundreds of outdated spreadsheets and struggling to ensure compliance across the board. It’s time to harness the power of advanced software and stay ahead of the curve.

That’s why we ensure that all our platforms are constantly changing and growing to keep up with the times. We don’t just want our tech to meet our clients’ requirements, but to exceed expectations.

With that said, Meridian has gone through some impressive changes recently, and we’re thrilled to announce that the ‘My Focus’ page is now live on the platform…

What is Meridian?

Meridian is our state-of-the-arts online risk and compliance management software. This platform is designed to give you total visibility of your health and safety performance, allowing you to:

  • Save time.
  • Cut costs.
  • Reduce the burden of managing compliance.

With a range of configurable modules available, you can tailor the Meridian platform to your specific business needs.

How has Meridian evolved over the past year?

Meridian has gone through many exciting changes over the past year with added functionality and a fresh, new look. Based on customer feedback, we realised that the platform was looking a little outdated and needed a contemporary remodel.

In response, Meridian saw a new colour scheme, a new logo, and a more engaging dashboard that enhances user experience.

When it comes to our clients, we promote a ‘you ask, we listen’ mentality. If we know our clients need more from our products, we will do everything we can to make it happen.

What is the ‘My Focus’ Page?

If you read our latest edition of Connect, you may have heard talk of the ‘My Focus’ page coming to Meridian.

This brand-new feature is now live on Meridian, our compliance management software, enhancing the overall functionality of the platform as well as improving user experience.

This feature allows you to see an overview of your upcoming priorities, acting as the default landing page for users. However, you can also choose the main dashboard as your landing page if that better suits your business needs. You’ll be able to toggle between these two pages at any time, giving you an overarching view of your compliance activities, as well as day-to-day tasks.

Why did we decide to launch the ‘My Focus’ Page?

The thinking behind the ‘My Focus’ page was to help users manage their everyday tasks. Although the main Meridian dashboard gives you an overall view of your compliance, the ‘My Focus’ page shows you what actions need to be taken right now and what your top priorities are.

With this feature, we’re aiming to give you daily reminders about your upcoming tasks and activities. So, instead of spending hours combing through your busy calendar, you can just glance at ‘My Focus’ and know exactly what’s coming up soon.

What functionality will the ‘My Focus’ page have?

The page has a task box to highlight what you need to do as the user and you can also adjust the filter by time. For example, you can toggle between what’s on in the next two weeks or what’s coming up in the next month.

There is also a section for ‘your tasks’ and ‘your visits’. In the ‘your visits’ area, you’ll see which consultancy visits are coming up. If you click into each visit, you’ll see the job reference number, the consultant, and the necessary contact details. Every time a visit is confirmed, it will appear on this page.

Within this page, you will also be able to see:

  • Documents approaching renewal.
  • Overdue actions.
  • Awaiting documents.
  • Overdue documents.
  • Your visits.

If there are boxes or priorities you aren’t interested in or aren’t applicable to your role, you can get rid of them, meaning you can tailor the page to suit your needs.

What are the benefits of the ‘My Focus’ page?

If you’re tired of sifting through your busy calendar to keep tabs on upcoming tasks and priorities, then this feature is for you.

This transformative tool is especially useful for facilities managers to help them manage their day-to-day tasks and stay organised.

The key benefits include:

  • Streamlining property management.
  • Getting daily reminders of your upcoming tasks.
  • Staying organised by having an overview of imminent site visits.
  • Keeping on top of your priorities.

Ultimately, ‘My Focus’ is designed to help you manage the things that are important to you and get the most out of our compliance management software.

Meridian: The Ultimate Compliance Management Software

Although we’ve made lots of improvements to the Meridian platform recently, there are still more exciting changes that have come into effect.

We have recently integrated Meridian with Prosure360, our supply chain management software. This means there is new functionality in Meridian with a supply chain grid. This allows you to view all your Prosure360 service providers within Meridian.

There is now a list of all your suppliers and contractors, sharing important information to help you manage your supply chain. For example, you can see whether your suppliers still meet your specific requirements or if there are supplier documents due to expire soon. This enables you to keep track of your suppliers and manage your compliance activities all in one place.

Within this feature, there is a filter that you can adjust to show:

  • Service providers who meet your supply chain requirements.
  • Service providers who have requirements expiring soon.
  • Service providers who no longer meet your requirements.

This feature allows you to search for a specific supplier or contractor with the ability to export the full list to Excel.

This is especially useful for those who don’t have a user login for Prosure360 but use Meridian every day. The aim of this integration is to make data visible in Meridian so that more people within your organisation stay in the loop and can make informed decisions regarding their supply chain and compliance activities.

If you’re a current user or Meridian, go an check out the latest changes and let us know what you think of the ‘My Focus’ page!


At William Martin, we bring together clever consultancy with smart technology, so our clients can grow. If you want to know more about how we can help you, get in touch or call our team on 0203 819 8829.

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