Meridian is our online compliance risk management system that gives you total visibility of your Health and Safety performance

When it comes to compliance, technology is the future.

Gone are the days of managing risk by using hundreds of outdated spreadsheets and struggling to ensure compliance across the board. It’s time to harness the power of our compliance management system and stay ahead of the curve.

With Meridian you can save time, save money, reduce effort and reduce the burden of managing compliance with disparate and multiple stand-alone processes.

Clear dashboards and grids allows you to view, filter and drill into your data, download documents and access a wide range of reporting functions, including historical data trends captured at each month-end.

Our experienced team can ensure a quick and easy transition to Meridian with a seamless mobilisation

We can import your current data into Meridian – whether that’s from spreadsheets or a data export/download from an existing system


Choose a package to suit you:

  • Compliance

    Achieve core health and safety compliance tasks to a high standard.


    A standard set of core compliance modules,
    with the choice to add optional modules..

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  • Professional

    Manage larger portfolios with a scalable tool for more extensive compliance tasks.


    A number of optional modules.
    Optional premium modules.
    Optional integrations.

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  • Enterprise

    Choose exactly what works for you, and integrate with our other platforms for even better productivity.


    Larger suite of optional premium modules.
    Larger suite of integrations.

Fisher German LLP

The Team at William Martin have been extremely helpful in all aspects of setting up the roll out of Fisher German’s rural division Meridian software. This included a vast amount of data transfer work, an extremely comprehensive training programme and ongoing development. Help is also always at hand, either through the helpdesk or direct through key contacts at Meridian.

Julian Mellis​ | MRICS FAAV

Consultant Partner

Track your health and safety risks in real time​

With Meridian, you can easily upload and store all your health and safety documentation in one secure location. Track when inspections are next due and manage the resulting remedial actions within the Action Management module. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to a compliance management system that simplifies your workflow and saves you time and money.

Ditch the paperwork and focus on what really matters

Whether you are a Property Manager managing a single building or a Health and Safety Director responsible for hundreds of buildings, Meridian’s user-friendly dashboards allow you to drill into exactly what to do and when to do it. You can see what’s overdue or non-compliant in a single click.​ Less paper, more work.

Get the Board on board

It’s crucial that you can demonstrate your compliance with our compliance management system. With bespoke dashboards and reporting, you can easily keep your stakeholders informed, allowing you to spend your time driving real progress. And because everything in Meridian is auditable, you can see exactly who’s done what and when.


Our cloud-based compliance and risk management system, used by thousands, is here to revolutionise the way you do compliance.

Access data, look at historical trends and property portfolios and make decisions based on risk, investment, resource, legal and policy compliance and training. All in one easy-to-navigate place.

Compliance without compromise.

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