Protecting your Healthcare business, employees and residents

Compliance is incredibly important to protect your Healthcare business, employees and residents

Do you have a need to comply with legal compliance and risk/health and safety?  Do you know what your biggest risks are?

What if your company faced a lawsuit because of something Safety related that could have been avoided with a streamlined online compliance and risk management system? Potentially;

  • A drop in profits
  • An increase in legal expenses
  • Up to millions of pounds in costs
  • Compensation
  • Legal fines

Meridian Compliance software helps to keep track of all risks identified and update records regularly. It is a central system that can be communicated to, as opposed to individual systems that require constant updating and cross-referencing.

Meridian Risk Management Software can aid in reducing your exposure to fines, potential loss of reputation by ensuring you are up to date on all existing tasks, issues to be addressed and any problems faced in remaining compliant.

Other Features include:

  • Offline completion of Inspection Forms
  • Health and Fire Safety Dedicated Modules
  • An Interface with external 3rd party systems
  • Fully accessible audit trails
  • Customisable management reporting functionality

Let Meridian show you how to reduce your risks with our management software for the Residential Care Home setting.

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