Controlling Legionella Bacteria In Water Systems

Controlling Legionella Bacteria In Water Systems

Property and facilities managers are all too familiar with the risks presented by Legionella bacteria, particularly in relation to hot and cold-water systems; spa-pool systems; evaporative cooling systems; and fountains and decorative water features.

Post pandemic, tenants are choosing to occupy property space on a more flexible basis.  Because during lockdown the amount of stored water was excessive as buildings were mostly vacant, we are still seeing buildings struggling with excessive water storage.

Therefore, as the avoidance of stagnation is a critical Legionella control, at the very least it is important that your Legionella risk assessments are reviewed. For complex water systems, it is extremely beneficial to conduct a legionella management review.  This is intended to complement the legionella risk assessment to ensure that recommended actions have been implemented fully, remain effective and that no new hazards have developed.

These approaches will assist you in maintaining your water systems in line with relevant legislation and guidance.


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