William Martin and the SRC family sold to Inflexion

William Martin and the SRC family sold to Inflexion

As you’ll probably know, William Martin is part of Marlowe plc. Our brand and our products are tightly integrated with Elogs and Barbour EHS, giving clients a single platform to enhance visibility, increase productivity and reduce risk. 

On 22 February, Marlowe plc reached agreement to sell our brands to Inflexion, a leading investment firm. A transaction is expected to complete following regulatory approval over the next two months. 

Inflexion’s backing will help us continue to grow and develop our leading software platforms and people-led services that you’re used to. 


What does that mean today?  

There will be no change in our relationship with you. It’s business as usual, and we’ll continue to provide you with the same excellent service you have come to expect. There will be no changes to our people, our organisation or our leadership team.  


What does it mean for the future? 

Over the last two years, we’ve made huge progress with the integration of our brands and products to create a truly unique compliance ecosystem. With Inflexion’s backing, this will only get better. Stay tuned for further updates. 

 If you have any questions, feel free to drop an email to hello@marlowe-src.com 

Bea Shorrock 


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