Meridian Modules

Meridian can be tailored to your specific business needs to ensure that all your health and safety compliance tasks are recorded, tracked, and reported on efficiently and effectively. Depending on which Meridian package you pick, there are a wealth of optional modules that you can choose from. To find out which version of the Meridian platform would best meet your requirements, take a look at out list of modules to figure out what’s needed for your business.

Properties Module

This shows you everything you need to know about your properties in one easy-to-manage place. Each of your properties has its own dashboard, giving you all the information, you need, at a glance.

Reporting Module

Meridian allows you to track and report on the key documents relevant to your business; it can show you who has downloaded documents, making health and safety reporting simple and straightforward.

Documents Module

This module allows you to track the key documents relevant to your business; there is no limit to the number of documents and actions you can upload to the system.

Actions Module

Meridian’s configuration options allow you to record, track and report on document and action compliance, tracking all the documents with the resulting remedial actions.

Library Module

This acts as a hub for all documents across your business including Policies and Procedures, Briefing Notes, Standard Forms and Templates; this makes it easy to share documents with whoever needs them.


The enables approved contractors to log-on to Meridian and make site visit requests; it also allows them to access all necessary information on the property, such as site hazards.

Inspections (plus Mobile App)

Pre-created inspection forms can be tracked both on and offline with the Meridian mobile app; you can tailor this module to your specific needs with the option to set up multiple inspection forms.


The Meridian Asbestos Module has been developed to enable all aspects of the control of asbestos within the property management sector (hosting survey/inspection reports, sample gathering, certification, risk assessment scoring and remedial action management) to be managed from one easy-to-use system. The Module will support the responsible person to remain compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.


The Meridian Fire Safety Module has been developed to help those responsible for managing multi occupied residential property to meet their legal duties following the introduction of new fire safety legislation over recent years. Among a suite of new features, the module enables quantifiable fire risk profiling; powerful action management; and storage of building lifecycle information, enabling Gateways 1, 2 and 3 documentation to be stored and easily accessed.


In the accident and incident module, you’ll be able to easily record and manage details of any incidents that happen on-site, access trend reports and data analysis.


This Meridian module allows clients to easily manage the compliance requirements associated with individual items of plant and equipment which for large premises can be very complex and extensive.


This Meridian module allows managers of multi-occupied properties to manage the compliance requirements associated with individually demised areas to ensure a property-wide view of overall compliance is visible.


In this module, you can track all staff training progress with ease; this means you can upload and store training certificates, set training reminders and set KPIs.

API Data Links

Our in-house development team has extensive experience in creating Application Programming Interfaces (API) links to enable clients’ own systems to interact with Meridian. Our developers use these links to build applications that can communicate with external client platforms, retrieve data and perform various client specific operations.

Insurer Links

Meridian has established direct links with market leading insurers (Alliance and Zurich) to allow clients’ own statutory examination reports and recommended remedial actions for plant and equipment to feed directly into Meridian.

CAFM Links (Elogs)

Meridian also integrates with our Elogs CAFM platform, a system which streamlines your facilities management, allowing you to easily share data between the two platforms.