HSE Asbestos Services Surveys

HSE asbestos services surveys

From our colleagues at Barbour EHS.

The HSE has launched three surveys from which feedback will help to inform its approach to asbestos management.

The HSE says it is building its evidence base to inform how the accepted recommendations from the Work and Pensions Select Committee inquiry into HSE’s approach to asbestos management are implemented.

Participation in these surveys will help the HSE build evidence to inform this work.
Who should take part in the surveys?

The surveys are relevant to licensed asbestos removal contractors/asbestos surveyors/asbestos analysts/all organisations who are involved in licensed asbestos work, surveying and sample analysis.

The HSE stress that, for those taking part:

  • No information will be used for regulatory inspection purposes.
  • The survey is anonymous, but you can choose to provide an email address if you wish to be contacted about your response, or to take part in future research.
  • All data is processed in line with HSE’s privacy policy.

The surveys are available as follows:

The deadline for responses is 25 February 2024.

January 2024

Our Comment

To keep people safe from the harms of asbestos, a culture of safely managing asbestos is needed in our building industry and among those responsible for buildings.

Asbestos exposure is still the single greatest cause of work-related deaths due to exposures decades ago.

HSE Asbestos Survey


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