How we Supported Greystar Europe Holdings

October 16, 2023

How we Supported Greystar Europe Holdings

By Phil Jones, Managing Director, William Martin

At William Martin, our key goal with every client is to make a real difference. We believe in taking action and making a tangible impact on every organisation that we work with.

One of our recent clients, Greystar Europe Holdings, was looking for a company who could help them ensure the compliance of all their properties.

Greystar, founded in 1993, strive to provide beautiful living environments and innovative services that enhance the living experience. Now, they are an industry leader, managing over $74 billion worth of assets.

As a leading international property company, Greystar has always prioritised the safety and well-being of their residents, staff, and visitors.

But they needed our expertise and guidance to ensure they were compliant with the latest industry standards.

After meeting Greystar and identifying their top priorities and needs, we put a plan together to determine the next steps.

On this project, we felt it was important to spend time understanding their specific requirements; this was an essential part of finding bespoke solutions that were best suited to Greystar.

Once we had some more intelligence surrounding what Greystar were looking for, we were able to offer tailored recommendations which were effective and feasible to implement.

Our consultants worked closely with the Greystar team to:

  • Conduct comprehensive risk assessments.
  • Identify potential hazards.
  • Implement effective control measures.

Through our meticulous approach, we helped them mitigate risks and proactively address safety concerns across the board.

Ultimately, this enhanced the well-being of Greystar’s residents as well as improving overall operational efficiency.

We recognise that maintaining high health and safety standards across our properties is of utmost importance, and partnering with William Martin has been instrumental in achieving this goal.”

– Laura Bryant, Director of Operational Risk Management & Health and Safety, Greystar

Given the success of this partnership so far, we will continue to work with Greystar, offering invaluable support and delivering practical and realistic solutions.



At William Martin, we bring together clever consultancy with smart technology, so our clients can grow. If you want to know more about how we can help you, get in touch or call our team on 0203 819 8829.

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