Fire Safety – Fire Doors – 20-09-2021

Fire Safety Update

Following the introduction of the Fire Safety Act 2021, the Fire Safety Order was amended to ensure the inspection of all doors between domestic premises and common parts was included within the scope of the fire risk assessment. However, we also know that we are awaiting further legislation to formally introduce this requirement.

Following discussions with some clients, the decision as to whether they introduce this approach now or wait for the actual statutory instrument to be passed, appears to be ongoing. This is despite the challenge originally posed by Dame Judith Hackett in her report into the Grenfell tragedy not to wait until the actual legislation was passed by Parliament.

Whilst it is important to ensure that when fire doors are formally inspected they are done so by sufficiently competent people working to verifiable standards, until these arrangements are introduced by property managers, there are checks which can be completed now by property management professionals. Although, it is unlikely that property managers would possess the necessary training, experience and qualifications to enable them to formally inspect fire doors, they should be capable of performing routine checks as part of their general property inspection regimes. For example, checking the door is damage-free and effectively closes unaided against its stops is definitely something which can form part of routine property inspections.



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