Concerns commonly faced within Independent Schools

October 12, 2022

Our Comments

When working with schools, our consultants come across many concerns.

Documentation Organisation

With a multitude of compliance information needing organising, tracking and diarising, many schools report that  their compliance documents are over the place.  Many report the use of share drives or excels spreadsheets.   

Action Management

When the requirement to remain compliant is so often time specific, actions not being picked up, missed or not being closed off in time can cause stress and unnecessary risk.  

Dated Technologies

Many schools report that the technologies used or the systems in place are archaic.  The use of such systems to monitor and manage compliance and their actions can often cause delays and confusion.  All schools need to evidence their compliance with an audit trail which is often a timely endeavour.


Reputation is very important as accidents & incidents are something everyone wants to avoid, and should they occur, can cause untold numbers of problems for fee paying schools.

With concerns like these it is essential that any chosen solution tackles all concerns comprehensively, safely and securely.


Meridian is our Industry leading and risk management system. It enables our clients to have total visibility across their sites(s), allowing them to proactively manage, monitor and report via our intelligent software solution.

Meridian stores & tracks all statutory and non-statutory documents and action management in one place, ensuing full visibility of Health and Safety compliance.

Action Management within Meridian tracks overdue actions, allowing you to close them off, notifying, alerting and escalating noncompliance.  Contractors that need to add documents and actions can access Meridian to upload documents and actions.   Additionally schools can manage contractors through the Contractor module.

Compliance Module within Meridian tracks compliance and actions, there is no nee to customise.  All of which keeps costs low.  Meridian comes as “out of the box” with bolt on modules if required.  When tracking audit trails, Meridian logs all users access with an Audit trail date stamped, automating the process.

Incident accident management within Meridian helps you to investigate and analysis areas for training need.

If you wish to book a demo or learn more about Meridian, one of our team would be happy to speak with you.



At William Martin we have a nationwide team of experts who offer a comprehensive range of health and safety compliance services. As part of the wider Marlowe Group, William Martin also has access to a wider range of complementary services.

For all enquiries, please contact us or call our team on 0203 819 8829.

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