5 Key Compliance Management Challenges Businesses Face

April 17, 2024

5 Key Compliance Management Challenges Businesses Face

When it comes to managing compliance, there are a number of compliance management challenges to overcome. With so much administration involved in compliance management, businesses often use a lot of time and resources.

However, risk management software can help companies overcome compliance hurdles and streamline their processes. Meridian, our risk management system, is the perfect solution for helping businesses to save time, drive efficiencies, and ensure compliance across the board. In this article, we’ll uncover exactly which compliance management challenges are most common, and how to overcome them with compliance management software.

What are the top 5 compliance management challenges?

Visibility of Compliance Activities

One of the most common challenges for businesses, is having complete visibility of their compliance activities. For instance, in the real estate management industry, it can be difficult to ensure building compliance when managing a large property portfolio. Without knowing whether your buildings are fully compliant, it can be difficult to identify potential hazards and implement controls.

Given that legislation is constantly changing, it’s important to have clarity around whether your compliance activities are up to scratch. That’s why, if you have clear dashboards and grids to highlight which compliance activities need to be carried out, it becomes much easier to manage. A risk management system, like Meridian, offers total visibility of your health and safety performance, reducing the burden of managing compliance.

Since Meridian is integrated with Prosure360, our supply chain management software, it also gives you control of your supply chain. For retailers with intricate supply chains, supply chain software offers unparalleled visibility. Our SCM software helps businesses screen their suppliers and contractors to minimise risk and ensure compliance. To enhance visibility even further, we are also integrated with Elogs CAFM+ Service Desk.

In doing this, we have combined three of the very best compliance systems, designed to make life easier for our clients. By integrating these three unique systems, we aim to give you unrivalled transparency and unparalleled control.

Manual Document Management

Managing compliance documents manually can be a daunting and tedious task. Not only does it take up a business’ precious time and resources, but it often results in data errors and mistakes. For large companies, who have thousands of compliance records and reports, manual document management simply isn’t a viable option.

It’s also important to note that storing documentation on a computer or drive has countless security risks. For example, if a compliance document is saved into the wrong folder, it could be accessed by the wrong person, leaking confidential client information. This can seriously damage your business’ professional reputation, as well as jeopardising your clients’ privacy.

A compliance management system, also known as risk management software, can centralise, automate, and streamline an organisation’s processes, files, and documentation to help them adhere to government and professional standards and regulations. Meridian automates routine tasks, reducing the risk of human errors and saving time and effort.

With Meridian, you can store all your health and safety documents in one secure location, giving you a single source of truth. This will help businesses manage policy and procedure documentation, electronically, reducing the need for physical storage space and making it easier to retrieve information when needed.

Keeping Up with Changing Legislation

Health and safety incidents can lead to serious legal action for retail businesses. Prosecutions and civil claims lawsuits are not only costly for businesses, but they also destroy brand reputation. A robust risk management strategy ensures compliance, reducing the chance of workplace accidents and legal issues. Risk management software can help businesses to remain complaint and avoid litigation.

Compliance software is specifically designed to handle regulatory requirements, ensuring you have the necessary tools and features to meet complex compliance needs. Compliance management systems ensure that businesses stay on the right side of the law, remain compliant, and avoid legal pitfalls. It helps you ensure that you comply with regulatory and legal requirements and meet industry standards.

As your business’ compliance requirements become more complex and the organization grows, dedicated compliance software becomes a more viable option, offering automation, scalability, and robust features to ensure adherence to regulations. Ultimately, risk management software simplifies the complex landscape of regulatory compliance by automating processes and providing a single source of truth for compliance-related data.

Ability to Access and Share to Data

Being able to evidence compliance is half the battle when it comes to managing data and documentation. With a paper-based approach, many businesses struggle to share key data and insights with their internal and external stakeholders. This makes it difficult to prove compliance with the latest legislation, putting your business’ reputation and relationships at risk.

Sharing data between different software platforms can also be challenging—that’s why Meridian has been designed to help you easily share critical documents and data between different platforms.

Although spreadsheets are familiar and affordable, they are not the most effective way for accessing and sharing compliance data. Spreadsheets are prone to human errors, such as incorrect data entry or formula mistakes, which can lead to compliance violations.

As your business’ compliance needs grow, managing large datasets in spreadsheets can become extremely inefficient. Cloud-based compliance software enables seamless collaboration, allowing multiple users able to access and update data simultaneously. This makes it far easier to share compliance documents with key stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Meridian is a powerful tool, providing:

  • Real-time data.
  • Comprehensive reporting & analytics.
  • Visibility of your health and safety performance.

Our risk management software allows you to easily access and share relevant compliance data with those who need it.


Ensuring Continual Improvement

Ensuring compliance within your business is an ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring and improvement. One of the challenges that businesses face when managing compliance is continually improving their activities. Often, once an activity has been ticked off the list, it is considered complete. However, to truly achieve total compliance,  your business should always be looking for ways to improve, develop, and introduce best practice where practicable.

When it comes to technological advancement, we are always striving for improvement— simplify compliance management and drive efficiency in your business with Meridian. Meridian includes the necessary reporting tools, enabling organisations to generate customised reports, demonstrate compliance, and provide insights for continuous improvement.

At William Martin, we don’t believe in taking a tick box approach to compliance; we want to make a real difference to our clients. It is our firm belief that it’s about the people as well as the paperwork—you need both these elements to achieve true compliance.

If you’re ready to overcome these compliance hurdles, book a Meridian demo today!


At William Martin, we bring unparalleled health & safety expertise and powerful technology to the table. Whatever your sector and wherever you are, we give you the support you need to keep compliant, strong, and successful. For all enquiries, please contact us or call our team on 0203 819 8829.

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