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Re-occupation of Buildings and Workplaces Post-COVID-19 – 22-08-20

The phenomenon of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in some fast-paced changes to the way we work, behave and interact. The pandemic has resulted in rapidly changing occupational health risks along with many new health and safety considerations in the workplace. As health, safety and occupational health professionals we can help your organisation to design and implement audit and risk mitigation strategies to prepare for the return to work in line with evolving government and Public Health England guidance and to ensure your compliance with the latest guidance.

ID Badges and QR solution – 22-08-20

We are thrilled to have received such positive feedback from clients on the introduction of our new ID cards and QR solution. These recently replaced the use of business cards across our business, with a view to further reduce our ‘paper footprint’ , whilst also mitigate COVID transmission risks.

Briefing Notes – Building Safety Bill – 18-08-20

Following the recent publication of the Government’s draft Building Safety Bill, we have set out below some of the key proposals to further help clients understand the potential changes / impacts that will affect residents, developers and landlords.

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