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Confined Spaces – 01-09-2021

Working in confined spaces without the appropriate risk mitigation measures can lead to multiple fatalities. The definition of a confined space is a space which is substantially (although not always entirely) enclosed and one or more of the specified risks must be present.

Legionella and Warm Weather – 26-07-2021

Legionella bacteria is typically dormant at temperatures below 20°C and for most of the year, throughout the UK, mains water temperatures fall well below this level. However, elevated mains and cold water temperatures are common during the warm summer months particularly in central London and other major UK cities with water suppliers permitted to provide a water supply up to 25°C.

Fire Strategies – 08-07-2021

As more and more technical considerations are required to manage and quantify the level of fire risk presented within buildings, there is an increasing demand for consultancies like ours to undertake fire strategies. Following client requests, we have produced our latest Briefing Note on the subject.

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