In response to the COVID-19 situation and government and public health advice, William Martin Compliance has developed the following related services. Our solutions and measures are aimed to deliver assurances for those planning and transitioning back into the workplace, as well as offering longer term strategies to control and minimise the transmission of viruses such as COVID-19.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment (Self-Assessment Tool)

A simple App based solution, enabling businesses to carry out their COVID-19 Risk Assessment with ease. Our self-assessment tool powered by our in-house Meridian Software includes pre-defined questions and suggested actions to help manage the risks associated with workplace specific COVID-19 infection and transmission. Following real-time completion on a mobile device (phone or tablet), a personalised portal will provide access to:

  • A PDF copy of your completed report;
  • A dashboard with an overall COVID-19 risk summary;
  • The ability to manage any resulting actions;
  • A complete and concise audit trail.

For more information on this service, fee proposal or to receive your app download link please contact us on 0203 819 8829 or

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Service

Our national network of consultants are available to undertake COVID-19 Risk assessments. Our risk assessments are compliant with the government published guidance and cover:

  • Re-occupation Planning
  • Travel to work, Arrival and Departure
  • Workplace Design and Layout
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Security and Deliveries
  • Fire Safety Arrangements
  • Employee Support Arrangements

For more information or to receive a fee proposal please contact us on 0203 819 8829 or

Other COVID-19 Services available

Deep Clean and Decontamination
Utilising technical and specialised cleaning skills to provide decontamination, cleaning and containment solutions. The service includes isolation and segregation of any affected areas, sterilisation of ventilation systems often overlooked as part of de ep cleans, deep cleaning to reduce the spread of any contamination, using CDC and EPA approved disinfectants, fogging machines or decontamination units.

Occupational Health and Employment Law Services
Bespoke solutions tailored to meet your individual needs offering a wide range of occupational health and HR related services and advisory support.

Thermal Imaging Cameras
Fever Screening via thermal cameras has emerged as a useful tool in the detention of elevated body temperature with accuracy up to ±0.3°C, which can indicate the presence of a fever, a symptom of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) enabling potential early intervention.
With built-in artificial intelligence algorithms, the camera can measure multiple people from a distance of 9.8 feet away and 4.3 feet wide, enabling fast assessment without personal contact.

People Counting & Flow Control Solutions
Ideal for sites with large footfall or accessed by members of the public, is a new and innovative solution designed to count the number of visitors and analyse the flow of people in circulation.

If you require any further information relating to these services, please contact us on
0203 819 8829 or via email