Contractor Management Services

Contractor activity is possibly the highest risk area and certainly the greatest challenge presented to a building owner or management company.

Our knowledge and experience in this arena is vast – we provide robust, objective and pragmatic advice, customised always to exact and specific needs, to assist our clients through the contractor management web of complexity.

We can offer:

  • a contractor approval system (desk-top) via ‘Meridian’
  • bespoke contractor vetting
  • on-site contractor auditing
  • on-site spot-checks
  • scored league tables
  • producing and reviewing RAMs
  • writing policies and procedures
  • producing site rules
  • online ‘key-release’ and ‘gate-keeper’ systems
  • online ‘permit to work’ systems
  • online ‘permission to work’ systems
  • competent advisor support
  • client-specific training courses
  • intelligent management information