CBRE Group, Inc. is the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm, with revenues of $14.2 billion and more than 80,000 employees worldwide.

Through many years of interactive and engaging collaboration, we understand CBRE’s business requirements very well. We provide proactive solutions on a consistent basis that streamline processes and makes life for an FM much easier.

Pamela Woodthorpe

Technical Account Director

Partnership Approach

Having been selected via a rigorous market testing exercise, we have now worked in partnership with CBRE since 2010. We provide a full health and safety outsourced model for a nationwide portfolio of 1750 properties, plus support for 14 corporate offices and management teams which includes:

  • A dedicated Technical Account Director and Consultant Team that work closely with CBRE’s HSE and FM Teams.
  • Bespoke Health and Safety Auditing , Fire Risk Assessments, Accessibility Audits, Training Provision, Contractor Audits, OHSAS 18001 Auditing, Accident and Incident Reporting, assistance with DSE issues, First Aid and Fire Warden advice, Accident Investigation.
  • Intensive use of Meridian software for transparent tracking and reporting.

Proactive Solutions

Our Technical Account Director works closely with CBRE’s HSE Director to encourage a proactive approach to risk management and has driven many initiatives, primarily through Meridian enhancements, to introduce efficiencies, streamline processes and save valuable time and cost. These have included:

  • Creating and maintaining automated 2-way software links with statutory insurers and CBRE FM software systems for seamless recording of all documentation and actions.
  • Automated link with CBRE’s internal property database.
  • Bespoke Contractor Module for permission control.
  • Automation of RIDDOR Report creation to link automatically to CBRE’s HSE system.

Skilled Engagement

From the very beginning, close engagement allowed us to deliver a time-critical complex data transfer from the incumbent’s system commensurate with no loss of continuity in the risk assessment/audit schedules.

Our service provision has always been highly tailored to CBRE’s specific business workflows and strategic objectives.

We constantly evolve personalised audit question sets and report templates, develop bespoke training courses and create tailored automated MI reports (from daily email alerts to integrated Board reports) – all possible due to our full understanding of our client.

We also drive engagement activities such as newsletters, bulletins, focus group workshops, formalised feedback campaigns, briefings and seminars to encourage buy-in at all levels, promote continuous improvement and enhance the positive health and safety culture.